OCR Computer Science: Computer Systems

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OCR Computer Science: Computer Systems
1 Hardware
1.1 Physical components.
1.1.1 keyboard
1.1.2 mouse
1.1.3 monitor
1.1.4 anything you can touch
2 Software
2.1 the progams
2.1.1 operating systems
2.1.2 application software e.g. spreadsheet software word processing software never say 'word' or 'PowerPoint' in the exam
3 Input
3.1 devices are used to put data into the computer
3.1.1 keyboards
3.1.2 mice
4 Output
4.1 devices allow data to be sent beyond the computer, usually to a human user
4.1.1 monitors
4.1.2 speakers
4.1.3 printers
5.1 Central Processing Unit
5.2 components that performs calculations and executes program instructions.
6 Storage
6.1 devices which contain data and programs
6.1.1 USB flash drives
6.1.2 DVD drives
6.1.3 internal hard disk drives
7 Embeded Systems
7.1 a computer integrated into another device
7.1.1 a mobile phone
7.1.2 washing machine
7.1.3 peterol pump
7.1.4 television
8 Application of Computers
8.1 Safety
8.2 Travel
8.3 Business
8.4 Education
8.5 Retail
8.6 Entertainment
8.7 Communication
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