Improved and built relationships with....


Mind Map on Improved and built relationships with...., created by Eleri Kyffin on 10/22/2019.
Eleri Kyffin
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Eleri Kyffin
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Improved and built relationships with....
  1. Webteam - synergies between guides and website
    1. content and design UX Designer
    2. IT team
      1. Disability Learning Support
        1. Research and Scholarly Coms
          1. Outside the university
            1. Transnational Education
            2. Internal comms
              1. Students!
                1. Commuter students
                  1. Researchers
                  2. EPQ and outreach
                    1. Library Customer service team
                      1. Chat and ask-a-librarian service
                      2. Academics
                        1. University archives
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