properties of water
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  1. Property of water: Water is polar, this means that its a good solvent.Water can dissolve polar and ions making it a universal solvent as all reactions take place in water.Its also a metaboilic product of hydrolysis and condensation.
    1. Property of water: water is less dense than water, this helps ice float on the surface and organisms live beneath the surface
      1. Property of water: high surface tension.Having a high surface tension allows organism like pond skaters to live on top.
        1. property of water: strong cohesive and high tensile strength. this allows columns of water to be drawn up the xylem vessels. (cohevise tension theory)
          1. Property of water: high transmission and colourless, this allows aqauatic plants to photosynthesise as light can be passed through.
            1. property of water:high latent of vaporisation this allows thebody to cool down eg sweating.
              1. Property of water:high specific heat capacity,this stops a sudden change of temerpaturein water, it prevents fluctuations of temperature allowing aquatic animals live in a thermally stable environment.
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