THE 1st and 2nd NEW DEAL (Red=First Green=Second)


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THE 1st and 2nd NEW DEAL (Red=First Green=Second)
  1. The 3 R's (aims)
    1. Relief
      1. To relieve extreme poverty and feed starving. Stop people from loosing their homes/farms
      2. Recovery
        1. To help industries / buisnesses to recover by getting people to work again
        2. Reform
          1. To make America a better place, bringing in long term measures to help people and industry.
        3. The Alphabet Agencies
          1. FERA
            1. Federal Emergency Relief Administration
              1. $500 million was spent to help homeless and starving.
                1. Bought soup kitchens, blankets, employment and nurseries
              2. HOLC
                1. Home owners Loan Corporation
                  1. Loaned money to prevent people from loosing homes
                  2. FCA
                    1. Farm Credit Administration
                      1. Gave loans to prevent farmers from loosing their farms
                      2. AAA
                        1. Agricultural Adjusment Agency
                          1. Government helped improve farmers techniques and reduced overproduction
                          2. PWA
                            1. Public Works Administration
                              1. Built schools, roads, dams, bridges and airports.
                                1. More job opportunities
                              2. CCC
                                1. Civillian Conservation Corps
                                  1. Gave unemployed men under 25 jobs, a place to live, and skills for the future to get better jobs.
                                  2. CWA
                                    1. Civillian Work Administration
                                      1. Gave people short term jobs, Good or Bad
                                      2. NRA
                                        1. National Recovery Administration
                                          1. Helped workers conditions and fixed prices for goods.
                                          2. TVA
                                            1. Tennessee Valley Authority
                                              1. Helped the Tennessee Valley gain employment and prevent their town from flooding by building dams.
                                            2. Measures from 1935+
                                              1. The Wagner Act
                                                1. Forced all employers to allow trade unions in their companies
                                                  1. Trade unions represented the workers, and negotiated better pay and conditions ext
                                                  2. Made it illegal to sack a worker for being in a trade union
                                                  3. The Social Security Act
                                                    1. Set up unemployment insurance
                                                      1. Worker and employer pay a small amount each week. If the worker loses their job then they get a small benefit until they find another one.
                                                      2. Provided state pensions for the elderly
                                                        1. Helped handicapped people and women with young children
                                                          1. State government and federal government worked together to help the sick and disabled.
                                                          2. The Works Progress Admission (WPA)
                                                            1. Create jobs
                                                              1. Building projects: Works, schools, Buildings ect.
                                                                1. 7% of the money created other job opportunities. E.f office workers, actors, artists ect.
                                                                2. The Resettlement Administration (RA)
                                                                  1. Helped farmers who weren't helped by the AAA
                                                                    1. Moved farmers to better quality landing and housing
                                                                    2. The Farm Security Administration
                                                                      1. Replaced the RA in 1937
                                                                        1. Gave loans to farmers to increase their lands
                                                                          1. Provided decent living areas for migrants
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