1920s Canada- Parmvir Shergill

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1920s Canada- Parmvir Shergill
  1. Autonomy
    1. Independence
      1. 1919 PPC-Independent seat from Britain
        1. 1923 Halibut Treaty
          1. Fishing Treaty with USA
          2. 1920 League of Nations
            1. Independent member in this war prevention organization
            2. 1922 Chanak Crisis
              1. Canada refuses Britain by not sending troops to Turkey
            3. Britain
              1. Getting more independent from Britain
              2. USA
                1. Branch Plants
                  1. Factories in Canada owned/controlled by USA
                    1. Example: Ford, Oil companies
                  2. Getting closer to USA
                2. Economy
                  1. Growth
                      1. 1931 Hockey Night in Canada
                        1. 75% of homes had one
                        2. After WWI,more trade with USA
                        3. Strike
                          1. 1919: One Big Union - to represent all Canadian workers
                          2. Rural
                            1. More people lived in cities than in rural areas
                            2. Post War Economy
                              1. Returning Soldiers couldn't find jobs
                                1. Wages no longer covered the cost of food and rent
                              2. Winnipeg General Strike
                                1. May 1919: Winnipeg's metal and building workers walked off the job. Demands: Higher wages, Shorter work week, Collective bargaining
                                  1. 30,000 were on strike
                              3. Social History
                                1. Residential Schools
                                  1. Two primary objectives: isolate children from their traditions/cultures, assimilate them into the dominant culture.
                                    1. Sent to these schools despite not wanting to
                                      1. Students abused by staff and other students
                                  2. Minority Groups
                                    1. African Canadians Discrimination
                                      1. Asian Immigrants-Chinese excluded,Japanese Restricted to 150 servants/labourers per year
                                      2. Women
                                        1. Arranged Marriage was common
                                          1. Money/Property belonged to husband
                                            1. Female Suffrage Movement
                                              1. -No woman,idiot,lunatic,or criminal shall vote
                                                1. WWI and the role of women moved the suffrage issue forward
                                              2. May 24 1918 all women can vote
                                              3. Schools
                                                1. Segregation
                                                2. Aboriginal Canadians
                                                  1. Federal Government wanted them to abandon their traditional beliefs and adopt christian values. The potlach (cultural and spiritual practice) was banned along with the traditional council of the six nations
                                                    1. Were not treated fairly. Not seen as humans.
                                                      1. Land
                                                        1. They got their land taken away
                                                          1. Decreased in size over time
                                                        2. Culture
                                                          1. prevented aboriginals from wearing traditional dresses or performing traditional dances in an attempt to stop all non-christian practices
                                                      2. William Lyon Mackenzie King
                                                        1. Canada's longest serving Prime Minister
                                                          1. Dominant political figure
                                                            1. refused to provide federal funding to provinces struggling with unemployment.
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