Character Archetypes

Niat Habtemariam
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This shows the different roles that characters play in a story.

Niat Habtemariam
Created by Niat Habtemariam about 6 years ago
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Character Archetypes
1 Hero
1.1 The Classic Protagonist
1.2 Whom the readers associate most
1.3 They put aspirational values and welfare of others before thier own
1.4 Achieves the goal of the story by sacrafice
2 The Mentor
2.1 Helps the hero in some way
2.2 Typical mentors are old and wise
2.3 Furnish important skills and advice
3 Threshhold Gaurdian
3.1 Provides obstacles for the hero
3.2 Appears before hero sets out on thier journey
3.3 Crossing threshold symbolizes change and growth in hero
3.4 Often is neutral character (sometimes can be antagonist)
4 The Herald
4.1 Announces important events verbally
4.2 Provides information that triggers the hero into original action
4.3 Emphasizes the importance of an event
5 Shapshifter
5.1 Character that changes in the story
5.2 Similar to a dynamic character
5.3 Their alleagiance is uncretain
6 The Shadow
6.1 Provides tension and anxiety in the story
6.2 Typically the main antagonist
6.3 Provide obstacles along the way
7 Trickster
7.1 Provides entertainment in the story
7.2 Can be a good or bad character
7.3 May remind us to lighten up and see the funny side of things

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