An Historical approach Block 1 (Unit 2)

Samantha Lea
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Samantha Lea
Created by Samantha Lea about 6 years ago
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An Historical approach Block 1 (Unit 2)
1 Important historcial events
1.1 Anciet Greece & Rome-Classical
1.2 Medieval (AD 400-1500)
1.3 Early Modern (AD 1500-1800)
1.4 Modern (post AD 1800)
1.5 19th Century- Romanticism brings change to the upbringing and protection of children
1.5.1 Introduction of welfare state (halway through)
1.5.2 Child labour
1.5.3 Working classes start to document their lives
2 Problems in documenting children in history
2.1 Sporadic documentation only available
2.1.1 Oral history condemned by some as unreliable (memory/wish to exclude certain data)
2.2 Documents validilty questioned-child labour statements
2.3 Certain groups documented-e.g orphans/child workers only
2.4 Context in which they were produced
2.5 Class/Gender specific due to being illiterate
3 Non-archival sources (paintings/sculptures)
3.1 Children used as Moral/spiritual emblems

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