Premortal Life

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February Plan of Salvation lesson

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Premortal Life
  1. before the world was
    1. intelligences that were organized
      1. noble and great ones
        1. God saw these souls were good
          1. Abraham was one
            1. chosen before you were born
          2. God stood in the midst of them
            1. God said "make my rulers"
              1. one that was like unto God
                1. to those with him, "we will go down"
                  1. there is a space there
                    1. take of these materials
                      1. make an earth
                        1. where these may dwell
                          1. prove them herewith
                            1. they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command
                              1. keep first estate= added upon
                                1. keep 2nd estate
                                  1. glory added upon their heads forever and ever
                                2. keep not first estate
                                  1. not have glory in the same kingdom of those that do
                      2. Lord said, "Whom shall I send?"
                        1. answered like unto son of man
                          1. Here am I, send me.
                          2. another answered
                            1. Here am I. Send me.
                              1. was angry
                                1. and
                                  1. that day many followed after him
                              2. I will send the first
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