Chapter 10


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Chapter 10
  1. Price of Mobile Apps
    1. Freemium: when company ofer basic product for free & upgraded version for a fee
      1. Eg: Spotify
      2. Lite: version sold at low prices with fewer features
        1. Eg: Monthly fees
        2. Full Price: include more features
          1. Eg: Netflix, Unifi
        3. Internet Changes Pricing Strategies
          1. Price is sum of all values that buyers exchange for the benefits of a good or service
            1. Prices were negotiated; fixed price policies are modern idea
              1. Dynamic pricing: varying prices for individual customers (bulks/bundle)
                1. Allows price transparency; both buyers & sellers can view price online
                2. Buyer & Seller Perspective
                  1. Buyer View
                    1. Includes money, time consuming, energy, psychic costs
                      1. enjoy cost savings
                        1. Internet is convenient & fast
                          1. Self-services saves time
                            1. One-stop shoping & integration save time
                              1. Automation saves energy
                                1. Buyer control
                                  1. Buyer set price & seller decide to accept the prices in reverse auction
                                    1. buyer bids for excess inventory at exchange in B2B market
                                      1. Government buyers request tender/proposal for materials & labor
                                        1. Buyer power online is based on the huge quantity information on the web
                                          1. Eg: Feedback, critic, review, comment
                                            1. Info from third party (consumer)
                                          2. Shift in power affects pricing strategies
                                          3. Seller View
                                            1. internal factors: pricing objectives, marketing mix strategy and information technology
                                              1. External factors: market structure & market efficiency
                                                1. Pricing Objective
                                                  1. Profit oriented (Supreme)
                                                    1. Market oriented (rely on market trend)
                                                      1. Competition oriented (Festive cookies)
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