Social Criticism in 145th Street Stories


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Social Criticism in 145th Street Stories
  1. Monkeyman
    1. A violent gang takes over a community.
      1. Why do young people feel the need to form gangs and do violent acts.
        1. Is it due to a lack of strong male role models?
          1. Is it due to a lack of jobs and opportunities?
      2. A Christmas Story
        1. OfficerO'Brian feels no connection to the Harlem community
          1. Police believe in "eight and straight"
            1. If Mother Fletcher had not reached out to O'Brien would he have connected with anyone in the community?
          2. Angela's Eyes
            1. Angela's father is killed while driving a taxi.
              1. Angela's life is irreperable altered because of needless violence
                1. Why is there so much violence in this society?
              2. The community turns against Angel based on irrational fear
                1. They seem to have little compassion for her loss or grief
              3. Baddest Dog in Harlem
                1. Police kill a little boy
                  1. Why is life in Harlem worth so little?
                    1. Will the police be held responsible for the death of the little boy?
                  2. Why didn't Mary trust being alone with the policemen?
                    1. Did something happen to Mary in the past?
                      1. Was her fear rational or irrational?
                      2. Is this just a writer's technique (plot device) to get the narrator in the apartment to be a witness?
                        1. "...said she wasn't going anywhere with them unless she had a black man with her" (21)
                      3. Big Joe's Funeral
                        1. Police treatment of community members in the park
                          1. People attending a funeral are made to lay facedown in the dirt.
                            1. Even people not at the funeral are made to lay facedown.
                              1. "In a minute they had everybody lying on the ground" (10)
                                1. 'I got my rights.' "Leroy was laying facedown" (11)
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