Porosity ϕ


Mind Map showing types of porosity
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Porosity ϕ
  1. Depositional history and pore origin
    1. Secondary ϕ
      1. Fracture ϕ
        1. diagenetic ϕ
          1. intragranular ϕ
            1. vugular ϕ
            2. organoporosity
            3. Primary ϕ
              1. intergranular ϕ
                1. intracrystaline ϕ
              2. petrophysical ϕ
                1. Total ϕ
                  1. Connected ϕ
                    1. Effective ϕ
                    2. isolated ϕ
                      1. trapped ϕ
                    3. fluid type
                      1. Water
                        1. capillary water ϕ
                          1. adhesive water ϕ
                            1. irreducible water ϕ
                            2. Sorbed water ϕ
                              1. clay bound water ϕ
                                1. exhange cation water
                                  1. interlayer water
                                  2. adhesive water ϕ
                                  3. free water ϕ
                                  4. hydrocarbon ϕ
                                  5. measurement tool
                                    1. sonic ϕ
                                      1. density ϕ
                                        1. neutron ϕ
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