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This is a map of the Crusades. It includes causes, effects, timeline, and what was introduced.

Resource summary

  1. Causes
    1. 1. Muslim Turks conquer Jerusalem and attack the Byzantine Empire
      1. 2. Byzantine emperor calls for help
        1. 3. Pope Urban II calls on Western Europe to retake the Holy Land
        2. Effects
          1. Weakened the power of the Pope
            1. Strengthened the power of Europe's Monarchs
              1. Introduced new trading goods to Europe
                1. Weakened the Byzantine Empire
                2. **Introduced new ideas and products to Europe**
                  1. lemons
                    1. Better ships
                      1. accurate maps
                        1. sugar
                        2. Timeline of events
                          1. Muslim Turks capture the Byzantine Empire
                            1. Crusaders capture Jerusalem and create 4 kingdoms
                              1. Saladin recaptures Jerusalem
                                1. Richard the Lionheart attempts to retake Jerusalem from Saladin
                                  1. Western armies (from Europe) sack Constantinople
                          2. European Crusaders targeted Jewish communities
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