Black Death

Hadley Rudolph
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Hadley Rudolph
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This is about the Black Death. This includes causes, effects, how it spread, and how it originated.

Resource summary

Black Death
  1. Caused by fleas on rats
    1. Originated in China/Asia
      1. Spread through merchants traveling through Asia
        1. Effects
          1. 1/2 the population killed
            1. Decrease in trade
              1. wages go up
                1. serfs gain freedom
                  1. less faith in Pope
                    1. more faith in monarch
                      1. Decline of Feudalism
                        1. effects
                          1. Agricultural Improvements
                            1. Development of Towns
                              1. Increased trade and commerce
                                1. Emergence of the Merchant class
                            2. Giovanni Boccaccio
                              1. Peot
                                1. wrote about the plague
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