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1 Thornhill Plus You
1.1 improve health
1.2 increase educational skills & achievement
1.3 improve housing & physical envrionment
1.4 increase no. in work
1.5 reduce crime
2 Young mums - Shelley and Cheree
2.1 cooking pots - teaches how to cook nutritious meals.
3 PCT - Centre for Healthy Living
3.1 Residents work with local PCT to build CHL
3.2 3 Main functions
3.2.1 Improve health of community
3.2.2 develop primary & community health services
3.2.3 commissioning services
4 Why get involved?
4.1 Proven to be more effective
4.2 Gwyneth Baker - Paid community health worker
4.3 June Dingle - Chairs network of volunteers
4.4 Pauline Vaughan - organises t'ai chi sessions and helps with Cooking pots
5 Making decisions
5.1 Partnership board made up of 12 residents & 9 agency members
5.1.1 Big commitment being on the board as is a 4 year task making huge decisions about the TPY programme
5.1.2 Difficult to get people involved
5.2 Difficult to work with 'suits' as they want to take over and run it
5.3 Barriers in being involved
5.3.1 professionals define the agenda education not seen as 2way process Involvement seen as a way of keeping people quiet Tokenism Incorporation Exploitation
5.4 Satisfaction at seeing social and physical environment improved (Jill)

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