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3 - 10
1 3 types of community - all of which bring people together
1.1 Locality
1.1.1 Pauline
1.2 Social Networks
1.2.1 source of support not necessarily linked with where one lives Vary in size - i.e. shelley has a lot of support compared to alexis who mainly has one (brother)
1.2.2 important resource to help people regain their physical, emotional and social well-being
1.2.3 Some vulnerable individuals need help from care services to maintain networks.
1.3 Identity
1.3.1 David (Chrisitan)
2 Supporting people to access services
2.1 Mina Ali - Small social network
2.1.1 poor english
2.1.2 Unlikely to join groups due to cultural differences
2.2 Thornhill family support
2.2.1 Support from a member of community who has been in the same position
2.3 Tower Hamlets (Mina)
2.3.1 Family Support Service
2.3.2 Help re-establish routine
3 Simon
3.1 Socially excluded
3.1.1 isolated
3.1.2 no family or friends
3.1.3 excluded from many parts of the neighbourhood
3.2 Mental health issues?
3.2.1 hears voices?
3.3 Voluntary rather than official? more trustworthy?
3.4 Community access project - Chris Lee
3.4.1 combined advocacy & outreach service
3.4.2 slowly build up a relationship with Simon
3.4.3 practical support... first point of contact... flexibility
4 Barriers to accessing services
4.1 lack of motivation, self esteem and confidence?
4.2 feeling awkward, uncomfortable or intimidated
5 Gypsy Travellers
5.1 May benefit from outreach approach
5.2 FFT - Friends, families and travellers
5.2.1 Sussex Traveller Women's Health Project Train women to become voluntary health workers

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