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Mind Map on CYBER CRIME AMD SECURITY, created by Lamvien Nguyen on 01/22/2020.

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  1. What to check?
    1. Greeting (personalised)
      1. request for personal information
        1. Poor spelling/grammar
          1. forged links
            1. make sure the lock sign on the top bar is locked
              1. sense of urgency
              2. “It makes more money for criminals than illegal drug trafficking”
                1. “Someone’s identity is stolen every 2 seconds as a result of cybercrime”
                  1. “An unprotected PC can become infected within four minutes of connecting to the Internet”
                    1. Types of cyber crimes
                      1. Trojan horse
                        1. Phishing
                          1. spam
                            1. malware
                              1. Malware is a software that breaks onto the victim's account to steal their personal information and makes their details leak out to public
                                1. it might gather personal or sensitive data from your computer
                                  1. or it could modify or delete files on your computer
                                    1. types of malware
                                      1. LOGIC BOMBS are a set of instructions at a certain date and time or under specified conditions which are then executed when the victim has done
                                        1. RANSOMWARE is a software illegally installed on a computer so that the user cannot access their files until a ransom is paid. e.g. this happened to NHS
                                        2. Common types of malware
                                          1. Browser/ spyware (hijacks some browser functions) e.g. defaults your search page, or diverts you to another particular website.
                                            1. File infector (Its a virus that infects a particular file, it could overwrite the file
                                              1. Macro virus (embedded in the template files like Word or excel. It could also spreads when the file is opened on a different computer.
                                            2. short for 'malicious software'
                                            3. virus
                                              1. A virus is a type of malware
                                                1. It replicates and installs itself without your consent
                                                  1. A virus can be spread to another computer trough emails or files which the victim sends
                                                    1. It can do key logging which means it can look at everything you have typed
                                                  2. Advanced fee scams
                                                    1. worms
                                                      1. email scams
                                                      2. Computer misuse
                                                        1. looking at people's data
                                                          1. changing someone's data
                                                            1. creating a virus
                                                            2. Why do hackers do it?
                                                              1. pure mischeif or challenge
                                                                1. to steal money
                                                                  1. to steal or modify information
                                                                    1. for political information
                                                                      1. to expose wrongdoings
                                                                        1. to get revenge on people with opposing views
                                                                      2. how do hackers do it/
                                                                        1. take advantage of security weaknesses in older computer software
                                                                          1. take advantage of obvious/ common usernames and passwords
                                                                            1. tricking people into download malware onto their computer, which gives the hacker access to view and modify your files
                                                                            2. How to avoid malware
                                                                              1. Avoid clicking on everything e.g. offers that are too good to be true
                                                                                1. Don't visit illegal sites
                                                                                  1. Make sure your browser is configured to always ask before running or dowlading files automatically
                                                                                    1. Keep your browser software up-to-date
                                                                                      1. Install up-to date antivirus and anti-spyware software
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