Battle of Bosworth - Why Henry Tudor Won

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Battle of Bosworth - Why Henry Tudor Won
1 22nd August 1485
2 Foreign Support for Henry
2.1 Charles VIII (King of France)
2.1.1 1800 mercenaries (payed soldiers) Martin Schwartz - experienced commander 60,000 Francs Ships
2.1.2 Sanctuary in France
2.2 The fact that the Buckingham Rebellion failed showed that he needed more support
2.3 Welsh Heritage - "Son of the Prophecy"
2.3.1 Rhys Ap Thomas - owned South Wales (by Richard III but switched sides) gave 1800 welsh mercenaries
2.4 1471-1484 Henry was supported by the Duke Of Brittany
3 Richards Weaknesses Prior To Bosworth
3.1 Ruler of the North
3.1.1 Gave it to his nephew the Earl of Lincoln instead of Northumberland who became the Commander of Reserves (in charge of the backup army) As a result Northumberland didn't listen to him on the battlefield and could be argued as a factor to why Richard lost
3.2 Seen as an untrustworthy king - caused people to walk off of the battlefield because they didn't want to risk their lives for an untrustworthy king
3.3 North & South divide
3.4 Rumours about Princes in the tower - people thought Richard was guilty of killing both of Edwards sons and therefore he lost support and faced opposition because of this (e.g. Duke of Buckingham & Lord Hastings
3.5 Re-introduces benevolence taxes (noblemen taxes) because the Scottish Invasion cost a lot of money therefore he needed more to stabilise his reign
4 Richards problems at Bosworth
4.1 Charged towards Henry down Ambien Hill (where he had a military advantage on higher ground)
4.2 Lord Stanley controlled 1/3 of his troops (5,000)
4.3 Duke of Norfolk was killed (Richards Commander)
4.4 Northumberland watched from the sides as a result of not being given Ruler of the North
5 Henry's Advantages Prior to Bosworth
5.1 On Christmas Day he promised to marry Elizabeth of York
5.1.1 Strengthens claim
5.1.2 Unites the two houses ( Yorkists & Lancastrians) Gains support
5.2 Maregret Beaufort (mother) promoting him to noblemen
5.2.1 Married to Lord Stanley so quite influential
5.2.2 She was the link between Henry and Buckingham
5.3 Learned from the mistakes and failure of the Buckingham rebellion that he needed more support
6 Henrys Advantages at Bosworth
6.1 Only Lancastrian claimant
6.2 He had Lord Stanley as a stepfather - very influential
6.3 1471-1484 Henry was supported by the Duke of Brittany
6.4 Foreign Support
6.5 Richard III had no heirs tot he throne and his wife was dead
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