F211 - Module 1 Cells

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F211 - Module 1 Cells
1 Cell Structure
1.1 Microscopy
1.1.1 MAGNIFICATION = how large the image is compared to reality
1.1.2 RESOLUTION = the ability to distinguish between two objects or pieces of information in the image
1.1.3 Light Microscope Magnification - max. x1500 shines light through specimen, and is focused through the objective lens, to produce an image
1.1.4 actual size=image size/magnification
1.1.5 Electron Microscope Transmission Electron Microscope TEM use magnets to hit specimen with beam of electrons 2D Greyscale micrograph is produced denser areas are darker bc electron dense = contrast Magnification - max. x500 000 Scanning Electron Microscope SEM An electron beam is directed at the sample at an angle produce a 3D micrograph the bounces are recorded to give surface of sample Magnification - max. x100 000 Advantages resolution is much higher than light microscope can be used to produce detailed images SEM produces 3D image Disadvantages Very expensive preparation of specimen requires a lot of skills, high level of training required to be done in a vacuum bc electron beams are deflected by molecules in the air Very expensive
1.1.6 staining allows the specimen to be seen. the colour stain may bind to specific cell structures or chemicals on or in the specimen
1.2 Organelles
1.2.1 mitochondria 2 membranes, inner membrane heavily folded = cristae, centre = matrix Role: produces most ATP during respiration, almost all active processes use energy from mitchondria
1.2.2 Nucleus
1.3 Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
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