A BTEC Performing Arts DISTINCTION level student...


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A BTEC Performing Arts DISTINCTION level student...
  1. ...can...
    1. perform with confidence, energy, commitment and focus
      1. set and meet targets
        1. work as part of an ensemble
          1. create original pieces of drama
            1. apply different acting styles
              1. critically analyse and evaluate their work
                1. work to deadlines
                  1. maintain excellent attendance & punctuality to rehearsals
                  2. ...knows...
                    1. how to respond to feedback
                      1. the acting skills needed for each unit
                        1. how to direct others
                          1. how to use technical vocabulary
                            1. how to structure and keep up to date a good logbook
                            2. ...writes..
                              1. in depth about their choices in terms of...
                                1. character development
                                  1. devised work
                                  2. achievable targets
                                    1. giving examples
                                      1. using excellent SPaG
                                        1. having considered their research
                                          1. analytically
                                            1. evaluatively
                                            2. ...independently...
                                              1. rehearses
                                                1. researches
                                                  1. styles
                                                    1. practitioners
                                                      1. historical contexts
                                                        1. plays / playwrights
                                                          1. themes
                                                          2. peer & self assesses
                                                            1. directs
                                                              1. takes risks
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