Sperry Evaluation

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Evaluation of Sperry's Split Brain Experiment

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Sperry Evaluation
1 Strengths
1.1 Quantative
1.2 Scientific Equipment for measuring:
1.2.1 High control
1.2.2 accurate- reliable and valid
1.3 Quasi
1.3.1 no manipulation of IV
1.3.2 can study real problems which increase the ecological validity
1.4 Laboratory
1.4.1 high control so its reliable
1.5 Case study
1.5.1 rich in-depth data
1.5.2 used to investigate instances of behaviour that are rare
1.6 ethics
1.6.1 all had callosum split before
1.6.2 no deception
1.6.3 Confidentiality
1.7 ecological valid
2 Data
2.1 Quantative
2.1.1 results of each test
2.2 Qualitive
2.2.1 how a patient responds to a symbol displayed to RVF
3 Sample
3.1 11 participans
3.1.1 small more in-depth data
3.1.2 might be quite representative as not many people may have had their callosum split
3.2 American
3.3 control group
3.4 don't know extent of the differences between them due to seizes
3.5 opportunity
4 Weaknesses
4.1 Labotary
4.1.1 demand characteristics
4.1.2 artificial situation
4.2 quasi
4.2.1 participants aware they are being studied
4.3 ecological validity
4.3.1 would have more than 1/10 of a second in real life
5 Improvments
5.1 sample
5.1.1 more paticipants other country generilisable
6 Usefulness
6.1 help understand the lives of people with their hemispheres split
6.2 hemispheres have different functions
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