C1 9/6/2015 (pm)


Overview of C1 specification for AQA GCSE chemistry core units.
I M Wilson
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I M Wilson
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C1 9/6/2015 (pm)
  1. Fundamental ideas
    1. Atoms, electrons and compounds
      1. Electron arrangement
        1. Forming bonds
          1. Chemical equations
          2. Rocks and building materials
            1. Limestone and carbonates
              1. Cement and concrete
                1. Limestone issues
                2. Metals and their uses
                  1. Extracting metals
                    1. Aluminium and titanium
                      1. Extracting copper
                        1. Useful metals
                          1. Metallic issues
                          2. Crude oil and fuels
                            1. Fuels from crude oil
                              1. Burning fuels
                              2. Products from oil
                                1. Cracking hydrocarbons
                                  1. Polymers from alkenes
                                    1. Plastic Waste
                                      1. Ethanol
                                      2. Plant oils
                                        1. Vegetable oil
                                          1. Emulsions and food issues
                                          2. Our changing planet
                                            1. Structure of the Earth
                                              1. The Earth's atmosphere
                                                1. Life on Earth
                                                  1. Gases in the atmosphere
                                                    1. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
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