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1.1 Leader= Yasser Arafat
1.1.1 Tactics: They attacked Israel with artillery fire Tactics: hijacked planes to free PLO prisoners
1.2 Tactics: Attacked civilians with underground warfare
1.3 Aims: Destroy the State of Israel and gain the land that they had been disputing over = Palestine
1.4 Motives: they believed that Palestine was rightfully theirs.
1.5 Events: Munich Olympic games attack- they took hostage and killed 11 Israeli Olympians. They wanted the release of 234 prisoners. Black September in 1970 where there was a civil war in Jordan between the PLO and the Jordanian armed forces
1.6 Grievances:
1.6.1 Poverty: recruits came from the bad conditions of refugee camps to join the PLO as this gave them status and importance..
1.6.2 Disputed Land: Palestinians lost what they thought of as their land. They also had a powerful enemy, the Jews.
2.1 Leader= Gerry Adams
2.2 Tactics: They took hostages, carried out bombings and shootings, and bank robberies. They also used propaganda to show how Irish people were treated unfairly by the British.
2.3 Aims: reduce British influence in Ireland
2.3.1 Aims: create a united island of Ireland
2.4 Motive= they felt they had no independence form Britain and were not treated fairly by Britain
2.5 Event: Birmingham pub bombings. Timed bombs went off in 2 different pubs killing 21 and injuring 182 people.
2.5.1 Successes: They achieved the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. This reduced British influence and established the same rights for people in Ireland as in Britain. It recognised the Irish language and so meant that they were given more independence. Some of their members were released form prison and the agreement shows that they were being listened to by the British government.
2.6 Grievances
2.6.1 Poverty: most of the members of the IRA came from poor Catholic communities.
2.6.2 The IRA were majorly influenced and controlled by the British
2.7 Grievances:
2.7.1 Poverty: most of the members of the IRA came from poor Catholic communities
2.7.2 They were majorly dominated and influenced by Britain
3.1 Leader = Osama Bin Laden
3.2 Aim: Reduce foreign influence in Muslim countries
3.3 Aim: Destroy the state of Israel
4 Al-Qaeda
4.1 Aim: Destroy the state of Israel
4.1.1 Aim: reduce foreign influence in Muslim countries
4.2 Tactics: gain support and awareness by carrying out attacks, they were a hardcore militant organisation, they belonged to a network with other groups, sharing it's views, to inspire othergroups and providing finance training to support carrying out terrorist attacks.
4.3 Events: 9/11 attacks. Planes were flown by suicide bombers into targeted building on an attack on the U.S.
4.3.1 Grievances Al-Qaeda were affected by the dominance and power that the West had over them. Motive: they did not like the power that the West had over them Success: They raised a lot of awareness and inspired other groups to fight for what they believed in. But they were unable to achieve any of their aims.
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