Elements of Style

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Elements of style

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Elements of Style
1 Diction
1.1 Word Choice
1.1.1 Coat isn't torn, it's tattered
1.2 Formal/Colloquial
1.3 Connotation/Denotation
2 Detail
2.1 Facts/Observations/Incidents
2.2 Precise mental picture
2.2.1 Directs readers attention
2.3 Focuses on description
3 Imagery
3.1 Verbal representation
3.2 All 5 senses
3.2.1 Visual imagery most common
3.3 Used to impart figuartive meaning
4 Syntax
4.1 Verbal pacing
4.1.1 Sentence length
4.2 Way words are arranged in sentences
4.3 Conformity and nonconformity
5 Tone
5.1 Expression of attitude
5.2 Requisite to understand meaning
5.3 Sets relationship between reader and writer
5.3.1 Emotion
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