Terrorism - Al-qaeda, PLO and IRA

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Terrorism - Al-qaeda, PLO and IRA
1 The IRA
1.1 Who were they?
1.1.1 They were a terrorist group that fought for the separation of Ireland from England
1.1.2 What were their Actions and Methonds? Main methods included shooting and bombings They also kidnapped and took hostages. They forced the hostages to be suicide bombers They also robbed banks to raise funds.
1.1.3 What were their strengths? Culture and propaganda - they used examples of British injustice against Irish people Prisoners - by 2980, they had hundreds of prisoners International support - They linked themselves with the PLO Effective leadership - Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams
1.2 Leadership:
1.2.1 Gerry Adams: Adams has statedrepeatedly that he has never been a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA). However, Adams has been named as part of the IRA leadership since the 1970s
1.2.2 Martin McGuinness: McGuinness has acknowledged that he is a former IRA member but claims that he left the IRA in 1974. Is now part of the Provisional IRA
1.3 Birmingham Pub Bombings
1.3.1 Bombs exploded in two central Birmingham pubs – the "Mulberry Bush" and the "Tavern in the Town"
1.3.2 Six minutes after the warning, at 20:17, the bomb exploded inside a duffel bag, devastating the pub.
1.3.3 At 21:15, a third bomb was found in a bag outside a bank on Hagley Road, about two miles away. The detonator went off when a policeman prodded the bag, but the bomb failed to explode.
2 The PLO
2.1 Who were they?
2.1.1 Their aim was to claim land and fought Zionists, who wanted to re-claim the land
2.1.2 What were their Actions and Methods? They attacked Israel with artillery and fire. They attacked civilian target using typical underground warfare They hijacked planes to free PLO prisoners They created BlackSeptember to carry out attacks that the official PLO could not deny.
2.1.3 What were their strengths? They had a clever and Charismatic leader, Yasser Arafat They had a secure base in lebanon They had a powerful base of support - they had a large population of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon They raised money from Palestinians working elswhere
2.2 Leadership:
2.2.1 Yasser Arafat: chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation from 1969 until his death in 2004, a tumultuous period in which clashes with neighbouring Israel were prevalent.
3 Al-Qaeda
3.1 9/11
3.1.1 Who was responsible? Al-Qaeda
3.1.2 The targets: Washington DC Twin Towers (New York) The Pentagon (Virginia)
3.1.3 Reason for attacks: For the attacks on muslims in Somalia Indian oppression in Kashmir For supporting Russia in Chechnya
3.2 Who were they?
3.2.1 They were an organisation that claimed to defend against their religion
3.3 What were their Actions and Methods?
3.3.1 They had a hardcore militant organisation
3.3.2 They had a network with other groups sharing it's views providing finance, training and support to carry out attacks.
3.3.3 They had a rallying point for modern militant Islam providing inspiration
3.4 What were their strengths?
3.4.1 They had a clear, simple and powerful set of beliefs
3.4.2 They were a difficult movement to combat as they didn't want land
3.4.3 They were a movement extremely aware of the potential of technology
3.4.4 Loyal and well-trained opperatives
3.4.5 They had a secure base
3.4.6 They had generous funding from supporters
3.4.7 Their enemies were not prepared
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