The Treaty of Versailles

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The Treaty of Versailles
1 Result of the Paris Peace Conference
2 Terms
2.1 War Guilt
2.2 £6.6bn reparations
2.3 Germany Territories
2.3.1 Colonies became League-controlled mandates
2.3.2 East Prussia (Polish Corridor) to Poland
2.3.3 Saarland run by League for 15 years
2.3.4 Alsace Lorraine to France
2.3.5 10% land lost overall
2.4 Restriction of Germany's armed forces
2.4.1 100,000 men
2.4.2 Rhineland demilitarised
2.4.3 No submarines or aircraft
2.4.4 6 battleships
2.5 Union with Austria banned
2.6 League of Nations formed
3 Participants
3.1 France
3.1.1 Georges Clemenceau
3.1.2 Wanted to cripple Germany Wanted to remove Germany as a threat forever
3.2 UK
3.2.1 Lloyd George Pragmatist
3.2.2 Occupied the middle ground Wanted to downsize Germany's navy Germany was Britain's second largest trade partner pre-war
3.3 USA
3.3.1 Woodrow Wilson Idealist Fourteen Points Published in January 1918 Disarmament Self-determination League of Nations Free Trade
3.3.2 Most lenient towards the Germans Feared the consequences of a tough treaty
3.4 2 German officials to sign
3.4.1 Diktat
4 28 June 1918
5 German Reaction
5.1 General Opposition
5.1.1 War Guilt ought to be shared
5.1.2 Reparations were crippling
5.1.3 Disarmament was humiliating and a double standard
5.2 Uprisings
5.2.1 Spartacist Uprising
5.2.2 Kapp Putsch
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