The Design Process

Niat Habtemariam
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Niat Habtemariam
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The Design Process in which you think of ideas to create anything!!! Look at this mindmap to learn more about how to make a good design:

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The Design Process
1 Plan
1.1 Time Schedule
1.2 Set up rules and goals
1.3 Decide what you are doing
2 Imagine
2.1 Brainstorm
2.2 Research
2.3 Invision
3 Improve
3.1 Using results of testing to modify design
3.2 Redesign an idea
4 Share
4.1 Informal or formal presentations
4.2 Demonstrate Prototype/Idea
5 Design
5.1 Build a Prototype/Idea
5.2 Test the Design
5.3 Get Measurements/Results
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