AS Philosophy

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AS Philosophy
1 Plato
1.1 Theory of Forms
1.1.1 The world we live in is a world of appearances the real world is a world of ideas, the world of the forms. truth Justice beauty Good, the highest form. This is the source of all other forms
1.2 Analogy of the Cave
1.2.1 Cave = World of appearances, Shadows = imitations of the forms, Fire = imitation of the form of the good, Prisoners = us, Real world = The world of the forms Sun = the form of the good
1.3 Aristotle disagreed with Plato
1.3.1 4 Causes which explain why something exists Matireal = ingredients Formal = the objects form Efficient = for what purpose does it exist Final = why it is the way it is
1.3.2 Prime Mover The world is constantly in a state of motion and change Something that causes the motion and change of the universe w/o being moved itself Prime mover exists by neccesity Is the final cause is linked with GOD
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