Humans and the Environment

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What is Environmental Science? The study of how the natural world works and effects us. Or how we effect the environment.
How do we effect our environment? BAD--> agriculture, roads, cities GOOD--> Breathe air
What is resource Management? Strategic decision making ad planning aimed at balancing the use of a resource with its protection and preservation
What is Sustainable Development? and what does it require? Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs --> Requires the ability to project ie: what will it lead to? Will people still be doing it in 20 years? What are the impacts of our decisions?
What does Environmental Science help make decisions with? Informed management, risks and trade-offs, project and predict in order to make ethical decisions.
What is an ecosystem? describes one or more communities of organisms that interact with their environment as a defined unit
What is Y2Y? and what do they do? It's a preservation/conservation organization that's working on preserving the western Canadian rockies
What is a stressor? Constraint on the development on the productivity of individual organisms, population, communities or ecosystems.
What are some examples of stressors? Flood, Earthquake, Wildfires
What does stressors lead to? Stress--> Disturbances-->Succession
What is the mountain pine beetle and what does it do? Type stressor on any forest, it turns trees a redish-brown
What are the 5 Environmental World Views? Anthropocentric Biocentric Ecocentric Frontier Sustainability
What is Anthropocentric? Human centered
What is Biocentric? Species Centered
Ecocentric Bio (+) connections between species
Frontier Anthro (+) the ecosystem is there for human use
what is Sustainability Living for environmental projection
What does I=PxAxT stand for? Impact=Populationx Affluencex Technology
What is "Affluenza"? Environmental crisis are due to both over population and excessive resource consumption
What is Economic Growth? Increase in the size of economy due to both population grown and per capita resource.
What is Economic Development? A progressive improvment of efficiency in the use of materials and energy, with the aim of developing a sustainable economy
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