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  • Actively managing engagement actions to swing them from Unaware to Neutral to LeadingCommunicating and working with stakeholders to meet their needs and expectationsBeing clear on what engagement activities are required and for whoPerforming engagement activities and obtaining stakeholder feedback.Skills a PM uses – influencing, interpersonal, Building Trust; Conflict resolution, Active listening; Overcoming resistanceBe focused in communications for senior management.Assign, track, and resolve open issues in an issues log.Process change requests and update the communications plan.Take corrective action to bring project performance in line with customer expectations.Document lessons learned OPAs which influence communications:Internal/External Communication standardsProcedures to manage issues and changeHistorical information on past projects
1 Stakeholder Management Plan
1.1 Describes methods and technologies used for communication with stakeholders
1.2 Determines current level and desired level of stakeholder engagement
1.3 Describes strategy for managing stakeholders throughout the project life cycle.
2 Communications Management Plan
2.1 Stakeholder communication requirements
2.2 Information to be communicated, and reason for distribution
2.3 Escalation process
3 Change log
3.1 Documents changes that occur on a project, and their impact on the project’s time, cost and risk.
4 OPAs
4.1 Organizational communication requirements
4.2 Issue management procedures
4.3 Change control procedures
4.4 Historical information on similar projects
5 Communication Methods
5.1 Methods of communication specified for each stakeholder are utilized as set forth in Communications Management Plan.
6 Interpersonal Skills
6.1 Engagement levels of stakeholders are managed by
6.1.1 Building trust
6.1.2 Resolving conflict
6.1.3 Overcoming resistance to change
6.1.4 Active listening
7 Management Skills
7.1 Coordination and harmonization the group toward accomplishment of project objectives through:
7.1.1 Facilitation of consensus
7.1.2 Negotiation of agreements to satisfy project needs
7.1.3 Influencing people to support project
7.1.4 Modification of organizational behavior to accept project outcomes
8 Issue log
8.1 Identifies issues and records their resolution.
9 Project management plan updates
9.1 Stakeholder management plan—new or changed stakeholder requirements
9.2 Communication management plan—new or changed communication requirements
10 Project documents updates
10.1 Stakeholder register—identification of new stakeholders, change in engagement level of existing stakeholders
11 Change requests
11.1 Change requests to the product or the project may require interaction with the impacted stakeholders.
12 OPAs updates
12.1 Lessons learned documentation
12.2 Feedback from stakeholders
12.3 Project reports, presentations, records
12.4 Stakeholder notifications
13 The communication methods laid out in the stakeholder and communication management plans are carried out, both interpersonal and management skills are used to manage the stakeholders level of engagement in the project.
14 The issue log identifies issues and records their resolution. If changes are requested, the stakeholders who may be impacted by those proposed changes need to be communicated with to gauge their reaction.
15 If in the course of the project, the stakeholders have new requirements or needs, or if those needs change, the stakeholder management plan should be changed to reflect this. Also, if the requirements for communicating with the stakeholders change, these must be reflected in the communication management plan.
16 Any changes in the engagement of specific stakeholders need to be included in updates to the stakeholder register, and the company should keep the experience with stakeholders on the current project in mind for inclusion in lessons learned documentation, which may help stakeholder management on future projects.
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