Properties of gases

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Properties of gases
1 The gas laws
1.1 Gay-Lussac's law of combining volumes
1.1.1 in a reaction between gases, the volume of the reacting gases and the volumes of an gaseous products are of small whole no.s provided that it is @constant temp and pressure
1.2 Charles law
1.2.1 @ constant pressure the volume of a fixed mass of gas is proportional to its temp in kelvin
1.3 Boyle's law
1.3.1 @ constant temp the volume of a fix mass of gas is inversely proportional to pressure Together they create the combined Gas Law
1.4 Avogadro's Law
1.4.1 equal volumes of gases contain equal no.s of molecules under the same conditions of temp and pressure
2 States of matter
2.1 Solids
2.1.1 transfer heat trough conduction
2.1.2 particles packed tight together
2.2 Liquids
2.2.1 transfer heat through convection
2.2.2 particles are not as tight together
2.3 Gases
2.3.1 particles have almost complete freedom of movement
2.3.2 heat transfer- convection Expt. ink drop in water
3 Ideal Gas
3.1 small particles in continuous
3.2 no attractive or repulsive forces between molecules
3.3 vol of the molecules is negligible compared with the space the occupy
3.4 collisions between molecules are elastic
3.5 the kinetic energy is equal to the temp
3.6 obeys all the assumptions of the kinetic theory of gases under all conditions of temp and pressure
3.6.1 equation for ideal gas
4 Expt. molecular mass of volatile liquid
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