Characteristics of multimedia systems

Skye Boulton
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HSC IPT (Multimedia) Mind Map on Characteristics of multimedia systems, created by Skye Boulton on 09/24/2013.

Skye Boulton
Created by Skye Boulton about 6 years ago
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Characteristics of multimedia systems
1 Differences between print and multimedia
1.1 Different modes of display
1.2 Ease of distribution
1.3 Authority of document
1.4 Interactivity & involvement of particiants
2 The variety of fields of expertise required in the development of multimedia applications
2.1 Content providers
2.2 System designers and project managers
2.3 Those skilled in the collection and editing of each of the media types
2.4 Those skilled in design and layout
2.5 Those skilled with technical skills to support the use of the information technology being used
3 The demands placed on hardware
3.1 Display devices as a result of
3.1.1 pixels and revolution
3.2 Processing as a result of
3.2.1 Video data and frame rates
3.2.2 Images processing
3.2.3 Animation processing
3.3 Primary and Secondary storage requirements as a result of
3.3.1 Bit depth & representation of colour data
3.3.2 Sampling rates for audio data

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