Examples of Multimedia systems

Skye Boulton
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HSC IPT (Multimedia) Mind Map on Examples of Multimedia systems, created by Skye Boulton on 09/25/2013.

Skye Boulton
Created by Skye Boulton about 6 years ago
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Examples of Multimedia systems
1 Major areas of multimedia use
1.1 Education & training
1.2 Leisure & entertainment
1.3 Information provision
1.4 Combined areas
1.5 Virtual reality & simulations
2 Advances in technology which influence multimedia developement
2.1 Improved resolution in displays
2.2 Increased storage capacity
2.3 Improved bandwith
2.4 Improved resolution of capturing devices
2.5 Increases in processing powers of CPU's
2.6 New codecs for handling compression of media while improving quality

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