Japan Tsunami

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GCSE Geography (Restless Earth) Mind Map on Japan Tsunami, created by gen lebus on 09/24/2013.

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Japan Tsunami
1 About
1.1 2011
1.2 waves reached 7-10 metres
1.3 Coastline sank- sea walls didn't work!
2 Causes
2.1 Earthquake
2.1.1 Eurasian plate and pacific plate, destructive plate boundary. Pacific plate subducting, pulling Eurasian plate down with it, earthquake meant Eurasian plate pinged back up, and lots of water was displaced.
2.1.2 15 mile focus
2.1.3 80km off the coast of Sendai
3 Effects
3.1 Primary
3.1.1 16,000 dead
3.1.2 3000 injured.
3.1.3 Buildings destroyed
3.1.4 Fukishima Power plant desrtoyed- radiation leak
3.1.5 4000 roads destoyed
3.2 Secondary
3.2.1 Food shortages because cattle were fed radioactive straw
3.2.2 Over a year on and 300,000 people still living in temporary accomodation
3.2.3 Lots of people lost their jobs
4 Responses
4.1 Immediate
4.1.1 over 100 countries offered aid
4.1.2 Sendai Airport had to be closed
4.1.3 Rescue teams searched for survivors
4.1.4 Medical supplies, water purification tablets and food distributed
4.1.5 452,000 people given temporary accomodation
4.2 Long Term
4.2.1 Sea Walls are being rebuilt
4.2.2 Power saving measures
4.2.3 The power plants remain closed, a year on
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