Mr Birling

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Mr Birling
1.1 Fiddlesticks! The Germans don’t want war. Nobody wants war.’
1.2 It has nothing whatever to do with this wretched girls suicide. Eh, Inspector?’
1.3 Firendly rivals in business.. working together
1.4 a hard headed practical man of business
1.5 Lower costs and higher prices
1.6 ‘Arthur Birling is a heavy looking, rather portentous man’
1.7 The titanic is unsinkable absolutely unsinkable
1.8 'Be quiet Sheila’
1.9 But I care. I was almost certain for a knighthood in the next Honours List'
1.10 'Nonsense! You’ll have a good laugh over it yet!
1.11 Heavy looking
2.1 Arrogant
2.1.1 Dramatic irony
2.2 Capatalist
2.3 Materialistic
2.4 Selfish
2.5 Patriarchal- male dominant
2.6 Manipulative
2.7 Dismissive
2.8 Authorarative
2.9 Perpetual- non changing
2.10 Loquacious- talks a lot
2.11 Rapacious- greedy
2.12 nouveau riche
3 Priestley's intentions on Mr Birling
3.1 Being co-founder of a Socialist Party, Priestley felt strongly about his political views in favour of socialism and these views are displayed prominently throughout An Inspector Calls.
3.2 Priestly used the character of Mr Birling to represent how the upper class frowned upon people below them in society.
3.3 Priestley portrayed the evil side of money and capitalism, as well as his dislike for capitalism due to the lack of care in society for the poor
3.4 Portrayed Birling as a typical capatalist through is arrogance etc
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