international relations

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international relations
1 The grand alliance 1941
1.1 before the cold war America + USSR worked together as members of the grand alliance
1.2 consisted of communists and capitalists only working together to defeat the nazis
1.3 once Hitler had been defeated the alliance became uneasy
1.3.1 Between 1943 and 1945 three meeting held to try and solve tensions Teheran Churchill.Stalin and Roosevelt met here on the 28th of November to the 1st of December 1943-reached some definite agreements and some without outlining detail Stalin annoyed at Britain and the USA for taking so long to open a second front during WW2-saying they were delaying it at the cost of Russian soldiers lifes The USSR would declare war on Japan once Germany was defeated Roosevelt supported the idea of a second front and was agreed to start in June 1944 Poland should be given more land from Germany but loose some to the USSR Roosevelt often sided with Stalin-Split the alliance up futher Yalta 4th-11th of febuary 1945 Germany would be reduced in size,demilitarised and would have to pay reperations (materials,goods and labour) when defeated Plans would begin for how Germany was to be divided after the war The nazi party would be banned and war criminals tried in front of an international court A United Nations (UN) would be set up to replace the league of nations-meet for the first time on the 25th of April 1945 Poland should be in the Soviet sphere of influence USSR declare war on Japan three months after the defeat of Germany Conference largely a success-Roosevelt worked well with Churchill,Roosevelt and Stalins understanding established at Teheran Potsdam July and August 1945-Churchill,Stalin and Truman More tension-Truman briefed about previous meetings but had no realtionship with Stalin Result of hte British election came during the conference-new labour prime minister Attlee replaced churchill Personal trust and understanding built up in conferences was lost Truman delayed first meeting until new atomic bomb had been tested-Stalin not told about bomb-increased his suspicion of his allies Germany been defeated- 'big three' not united by a common enemy Agreements Set up a council of foreign ministers to organise the rebuilding of europe Ban the nazi party and prosecute surviving nazis as war criminals in a special allie run court at Nuremburg Reduce the size of Germany Divide Germany into four zones-split between the USA, Britain, USSR and france Divide Berlin into four Give the USSR a 1/4 of the industrial equipment from other three zones-least developed zone and had to supply other zones with industrial equipment Disagreements on bigger issues-Reperations
2 Truman Doctrine-1947
2.1 Truman asked the American military after the 'long telegram' to assess the strength of the USSR's army
2.1.1 Learnt that the USSR was in no position to wage a war
2.2 However Truman still believed that the USSR had a second strategy that would allow it to conquer more and more territory without having to declare war- through Stalin encouraging communist revolutions across Europe
2.3 Communism was very appealing to countries such as France and Greece as they were suffering great hardships
2.3.1 Communism=wealth shared out
2.4 Truman doctrine created to address this threat
2.4.1 The world had a choice between communist tyronny and democratic freedom
2.4.2 America had a responsibility to fight for liberty wherever it was threatened
2.4.3 America would send troops and economic resources to help goverments that were threatened by communists
2.4.4 Communism should not be allowed to grow and gain territory
2.5 Marked a reversal of the USA's policy of isolationism
3 The Marshall plan 1947
3.1 First containment aimed to beat communism through millitary force
3.2 Secondly the marshall of 1947 commited $13 billion of Americas money to rebuild the shattered economies of Europe
3.3 By encouraging prosperity the Marshall plan would weaken the attraction of communism
4 The development of satellite states
4.1 A satellite state is a country that is officially independent but is in reality contolled by another country eg Czechoclovakia
4.2 Stalin thought America was trying to buy power and influence in Europe through marshal aid-thought it was 'dollar imperialism'
4.3 Satellite states set up so that Russia had power and not America
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