International relations continued

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International relations continued
1 How Stalin/USSR kept control
1.1 Made sure the communist party in each state had leaders that would only obey Moscow
1.2 Created an atmosphere of fear and mistrust so that it was difficult for people who wanted to oppose soviet rule to trust eachother enough to work together
1.3 Ruthlessly using the police and army in these states to stamp out any kind of opposition
1.4 Arranged economies in these countries so that they were dependent on the USSR through 'rationalising' industries to stop the satellites being self-sufficient
2 Cominform: The communist information bureau 1947
2.1 Established to extend Stalins control
2.2 An international organisation that represented communist parties across Europe and brought them under the direction of the USSR
2.3 The first Cominform conference rejected the Marshal plan
2.3.1 consequently Eastern European government refused to accept Marshal Aid and communist parties in western Europe were encouraged to organise strikes and demonstartions against the American plan
2.4 Used to ensure the loyalty of eastern European governments through investigating government ministers and employees and removing those who were not loyal to stalin
2.4.1 process often violent-5% of the population of Hungary in prison by 1952
2.5 Through its violent actions Cominform consolidated the power of the USSR through Eastern Europe by stamping out the opposition and ensuring the loyalty of Eastern Europe goverments
3 Comecon
3.1 The council for mutual economic assistance 1949
3.2 Stalins answer to the Marshall plan
3.2.1 Stalin aware that the Marshall plan was very attractive to some Eastern European governments
3.3 Having ordered his satellite states to boycott Marshall aid Stalin needed to set up a communist alternative
4 The Berlin airlift
4.1 Build up
4.1.1 January 1947-USA and GB merged their zones to create Bizonia (Stalin very worried)
4.1.2 France soon joined merged zones to create Trizonia
4.1.3 June 1947-Marshall aid
4.1.4 June 1947-The Deutchmark, didn't consult USSR about change-used in West Berlin (inside soviet sector)
4.2 West Berlin=window into the West
4.3 11 months-supplies flown into Berlin using British,French and US planes
4.4 At peak a plane landed every three minutes
4.5 24/7-70 large cargo planes with between 600/700 tonnes worth of supplies
4.6 275,000 flights carried 1 and a half million tonnes of supplies
5 The importance of berlin
5.1 Capital of Germany
5.2 Both USA and USSR wanted influence in Berlin- power and prestige
5.3 Centre of Europe-military bases
5.4 Symbolic capital of nazism
5.5 Had been a race for Berlin at the end of the war- USA and USSR
6 The arms race
6.1 1945-55
6.2 continuing comitment to maintaining a large army,navy,airforce and the development of even more deadly nuclear weapons
6.3 1945-USA first country to develop nuclear bomb, Hiroshima Japan
6.4 1949 USSR caught up-developed and tested own nuclear bomb
6.4.1 Prompted Americans to develop hydrogen bombs
6.4.2 USA's warheads still more powerful than those developed by the soviet union
6.5 1955 USSR tested a bomb known as 'Sakharovs third idea'- new bomb more powerful than Americas hydrogen bombs
6.6 By 1955 America had developed the B52 stratofortress aeroplane with the long range flight capacity to bomb the soviet union
6.6.1 At the same time the soviet union was developing a similar aircraft know as the TU20bear
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