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CAE Speaking Phrases
1 Expressing Opinion
1.1 Personally I think...
1.2 I feel that...
1.3 As far as I'm concerned
1.4 As I see it,
2 Agreeing
2.1 I couldn't agree more
2.2 Yours is a good idea
2.3 That's what I feel, too
2.4 We see eye to eye on that
2.5 You took the words right out of my mouth
2.6 That is so true!
3 Disagreeing
3.1 That's not always the case
3.2 I tend to disagree here
3.3 We don't see eye to eye
4 Building on Partner's Ideas
4.1 Do you mean...
4.2 I take your point, but...
4.3 I agree, but I think ...
4.3.1 I see what you mean
4.4 You've got a point, but...
5 Feelings and Emotions
5.1 it is a sheer bliss
5.2 a great sense of achievement
5.3 She's got stars in her eyes
5.4 the matter of pure luck
5.5 be in a state of euphoria
5.6 jump for joy
5.7 to experience a feel-good moment
5.8 feeliings are running high
6 Likes ans Dislikes
6.1 I'm an avid / keen (reader)
6.2 I'm really into (folk music)
6.3 I derive a lot of pleasure from
6.4 I take great delight in
6.5 I'm itching to try ...
6.6 I (do yoga) to unwind / escape the stresses and strains of my day to day life
7 Speculating
7.1 I guess / reckon / imagine
7.2 He may / might / could + V1
7.3 She may / might / could + have just + V3
7.4 They seem / look
7.5 It looks as if / though they are...
8 Asking for opinion
8.1 Where do you stand on that?
8.2 Would you go along with that?
8.3 What's your take on that?
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