Evil and Suffering

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Evil and Suffering
1 natural suffering
1.1 Suffering caused by nature, e.g because of earthquakes, volcanoes, floods etc
2 Man-made suffering
2.1 Suffering caused by the actions of humans, e.g through war, pollution, crime etc
3 Free Will
3.1 Having the ability to choose or determine one's own actions.
4 Karma
4.1 The law of cause and effect. This is a Buddhist / Hindu idea.
5  Job
5.1 Story from the old testament suggesting that suffering is a test from God.
6 The Fall
6.1 When Adam and Eve disobeyed God and were cast out of the garden of Eden.
7 Evil
7.1 The opposite of good. A force or the personification of a negative power that is seen by many traditions as destructive and against God.
8 Personal being (nature of evil)
8.1 The ideas that evil is an evil spirit or a devil rather than an impersonal force.
9 Psychological phenomenon
9.1 an idea about the nature of evil that it is something arising from the mind of a person.
10 Theodicy
10.1 An attempt to answer the question of why God permits suffering in the world.
11 Nature of evil
11.1 What evil is like, whether a personal being, a psychological phenomenon or an impersonal force.
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