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This covers everything you need to know for obedience in the topic social influence.

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1 Complying with an order from another person to carry out an action. The person is usually of authority and has power.
2 Mai Lai Massacre (Example of dangers)
2.1 500 innocent vietnamese civilians slaughtered by the Charlie Company
2.2 Lieutenant Calley's response
2.2.1 "i was ordered to go there and destroy the enemy... That was the mission i was given."
2.2.2 He was merely taking orders and bore no direct responsibility.
3 Milgram 1974
3.1 Set out to question the "Germans are different" hypothesis.
3.1.1 He believed that the situation led to the inhumane behavior and that anybody could behave the same way under the circumstances.
3.2 Situational explanation
3.3 Advertised for participants at Yale university
3.4 Participant was paired with a learner (confederate) and witnessed electrodes being put onto the learners head before entering another room.
3.4.1 if a learner got a word wrong the teacher would shock them. Milgram predicted 2% would shock to 450v but 65% did.
4 Hofling et al 1966
4.1 22 nurses received phone calls from a confederate doctor instructing them to give a patient 20mg of a made up drug.
4.1.1 The label on the box clearly stated that 10mg was the maximum daily dose. if the nurse obeyed she would be breaking the rules requiring written authorisation.. 21 out of 22 nurses complied without hesitation.
5 Bickman 1974
5.1 Three male researchers gave orders to 153 random pedestrians.
5.1.1 Participants were more likely to obey the researcher dressed as a guard (80%) than the milkman or civilian (40%).
6 Milgrams variations
6.1 Change of location condition.
6.2 Two teacher condition.
6.3 Touch proximity condition.
6.4 Uniform condition.
6.5 Social support condition.
6.6 Absent experimenter condition.
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