Solomon & Deb Steeley Clients

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Mapping Prophecy Clients

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Solomon & Deb Steeley Clients
1 Your are GateKeeprs
1.1 gate been small
1.1.1 Just the size of the two of you to enter in The Gate way is expanding more people coming in The Gate is where you are going to see Where you are going When these people are going to hit the gate When these people are going to hit the gate The demonic stronghold against them set them free Divine wisdom Strategies Deliverance anointitng This season, day and hour gonna happen at the gate transfer of anointing at the gate lay hands on them at the gate lives radically changed Come into the Church They will come into a new dimension you two standing at the gate expanding that thing new realms of revelations Repertory experiences accelerate in your life Wisdom coming forth in a new way To use you in great ways releasing to your life this season You portray pillars in the church portray excellence forsaking ways of this world cares of this world Use you in that day Purity and holiness position at the gate, not by what you wanted to do but is My positioning Standing at the Gate but sitting there on the throne Kingly anointing, authority, priestly anointing, authority. speaking to business people speaking to ministry arena people


  • also green for calling, gifting
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