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This is my A2 media studies evaluation question 1

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1 iPhone: I used my iPhone in my A2 coursework to record my voiceovers for my evaluation questions. It was a quick and easy way to record the voiceovers, as I did not face any technical problems that are associated with using a podcast recorder. It was an efficient way to record and store the voiceovers, with multiple ways of transferring them onto the computer (i.e. email and USB). I could also back the voiceovers up onto my computer and iCloud storage to ensure that if they erased accidently, I could easily restore them.
2 Desktop Computer: The computer was the most commonly used media technology, because it contained all of the software we needed to edit our footage and ancillary texts. I could store all of documents in one place and had access to the internet to complete research for my research and planning.
3 Tripod: Using a tripod was vital in my construction process to ensure that I had still and steady shots to include in my film. The only drawback to using this piece of equipment was that it was difficult to carry to my locations and to set up once I had reached the set. In hindsight I should have taken full advantage of the tripod by using it in every scene of my production, as towards the end of production the camerawork was shaky and unclear, and this could have been resolved by the use of the tripod.
4 Memory Stick: The use of a memory stick was important in the research and planning, production and evaluation stages of my A2 coursework. It allowed me to back up and files to protect them from and corruption or loss and also to transfer any files to another computer if necessary.
5 Memory Card: In the production stage the use of a memory card allowed me to film high volumes of footage and transfer them to the computer efficiently. I would not have been able to have a variety of footage if I had not used a memory card, as I would have had to rely on the internal storage of the camera.
6 Camera: Without the camera, I would have been unable to film any footage.
7 Headphones: I used headphones in the production process to edit my music track using audacity.
8 Blogger: Blogger was extremely beneficial In all parts of the A2 coursework. It allowed me to upload all of my work so that it was in once place and easily accessible. The use of labels and the navigation bar made it easy to find any work if I needed to edit it. It also made it easy to get feedback on any of my work, as my peers and teacher could access the site.
9 Sony Vegas: I used Sony Vegas in the production part of my coursework. I used the programme to edit all my footage for my film and the feedback parts. the majority of the time I found Sony Vegas easy to use, however when it came to the more sophisticated editing, I struggled and had to find tutorials on YouTube to assist me.
10 YouTube: I used YouTube in all of the stages of my A2 coursework. Firstly, I used it to research any similar products of my film. I also used it to access the contact details of my influential film makers, allowing me to ask questions and further my knowledge of film making. This was beneficial to me as they gave me tips on areas such as casting, props and music. I also used YouTube to upload my rough cuts and final drafts as I could then add a link to my blogger page to access them. I uploaded them this way as opposed to straight onto Blogger, as there was no size limit, and it was a quick and easy way to distribute my film. I also found myself researching Sony Vegas tutorials to assist in my editing. I lastly used YouTube in my evaluation task to upload a video and add annotations using the annotation feature.
11 Photoshop: I used Photoshop in both my ancillary tasks. I was roughly familiar with the programme, and therefore found it easy to navigate around and use. In hindsight, I should have used Adobe InDesign for my second ancillary task, as this would have created a more professional outcome. For Ancillary task 1, Photoshop would have been the best program to use when creating a poster. It allowed me to cleanly edit the poster, and save it in high quality.
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