A student's perspective on the use of social media


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Ladys Gil
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A student's perspective on the use of social media
  1. Taylor Young
    1. Realized on
      1. Social Media use
        1. Negatives consequences
          1. A way to help the student's activities
          2. Used social media to
            1. Read articles
              1. Gain knowlegde
            2. Adults Thoughts
              1. They don't like it
                1. Troubling thoughts
                  1. Fear
                    1. Distrust
                  2. What should adults do?
                    1. Get more involved
                      1. Parents should follow their children
                        1. it helps to
                          1. Prevent inappropiate actions
                            1. Detect danger on social media
                        2. Educate about the proper use of social media
                          1. Enforce strict boundaries
                          2. What should students do?
                            1. They should allow their parents to
                              1. Guide them
                                1. Follow them
                                2. Learn about
                                  1. Negative consequences
                                    1. Proper use of social media
                                    2. Listen to the olders
                                    3. Beneficts of the right use
                                      1. Educational development
                                        1. Students become more aware of their social activity
                                        2. Conclusion
                                          1. Social media can be used for educational resources
                                            1. Positive and effective use can change the world
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