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Maths M1
1 Motion
1.1 Displacement
1.1.1 Distance in a certain direction
1.2 Velocity
1.2.1 Speed in a certain direction
1.3 Acceleration
1.3.1 Rate of change of velocity
1.4 Average speed = distance travelled/time taken
1.5 Graphs
1.5.1 D/T Gradient V/T Gradient A/T
1.5.2 A/T Area under V/T Area under D/T
1.6 Average velocity = change in displacement/time taken
1.7 Average acceleration = change in velocity/time taken
2 constant acceleration equations
2.1.1 S=Displacement
2.1.2 U=Initial velocity
2.1.3 V=Final Velocity
2.1.4 A=Acceleration
2.1.5 T=Time
2.1.6 V=U+AT
2.1.7 S=(U+V/2)T
2.1.8 S=UT+0.5AT^2
2.1.9 V^2=U^2+2AS
3 Vectors
3.1 Magnitude is found by doing Pythagoras
3.1.1 Speed = magnitude of velocity
3.2 Direction can be found by using trig
3.3 If vectors are parallel then on is a constant multiple of the other
3.4 A unit vector has a magnitude of 1 so divide by the magnitude
4 Forces
4.1 Friction acts in the opposite direction to the motion
4.2 Normal contact force acts perpendicular to the surface of contact
4.3 Resultant force is the sum of all forces
4.3.1 If an object has no acceleration then the resultant force is 0
4.4 Perpendicular forces have no affect on eachother
4.5 Resultant force = mass x acceleration
4.6 Connected particles
4.6.1 Tension pulls inwards
4.6.2 Compression pushes outwards
4.7 Pullys
4.7.1 The tension is the same either side
5 Projectile motion
5.1 Assume there is no air resistance
5.2 Vectors can be used for direction
5.3 Questions
5.3.1 When will it reach maximum height Vy = 0 Find t
5.3.2 What is the maximum height Find Sy
5.3.3 When will it land Sy = ground level (0) Find t Double time to max height
5.3.4 What is the range Find Sx
6 General motion
6.1 We can model the motion of an object by thinking about it as a function of time
6.2 Calculus
6.2.1 X/S/R Differentiate V Differentiate A
6.2.2 A Integrate V Integrate X/S/R
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