Nazi control of Germany

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Nazi control of Germany

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Nazi control of Germany
1 SS
1.1 formed in 1925 from fanatics loyal to Hitler.
1.2 virtually destroyed SA in 1934 - grew into huge organisation with many different responsibilities
1.3 Aryans
1.4 responsibility - destroy opposition to Nazism and carry out racial policies of Nazis
1.5 Subdivisions: -Death's Head Units - responsible for concentration camps and slaughter of Jews
1.5.1 - Waffen-SS - special armored regiments that fought alongside army
2 Gestapo
2.1 most feared by ordinary German citizen
2.2 Could arrest citizens on suspicion and send them to concentration camps without trial or even explanation
3 Police and Courts
3.1 helped prop up Nazi dictatorship
3.2 ignore crimes committed by Nazi agents
3.3 political snooping
3.4 opponents of Nasism rarely recieved a fair trial
4 Concentration Camps
4.1 Nazis ultimate sanction against their own people
4.2 prisoners were forced to do hard labour
4.3 Jews, socialists, communists, trade unionists, churchmen and anyone else brave enough to criticise the Nazis ended up there
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