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1 Nazis promised free worship for catholics in return that atheists won't talk/ preach about or interfere in politics
1.1 Catholic schools were allowed to continue, and bishops would swear loyalty to the Nazi state
2 these promises didn't last
2.1 unfriendly catholic priests were arrested, harassed - 400 sent to Dachall
2.2 Catholic schools were forced to teach the Nazi way or they were closed
2.3 Catholic youth groups were banned. By 1937, Pope Pius criticised the Nazi regime
3 Protestant Church
3.1 Nazis tried to control it, some preachers arrested - mixed results. Worship often forced underground
4 Reich Church
4.1 set up by pro-Nazi protestants
4.2 leader (Reich Bishop of Germany) Ludwig Muller
4.3 Displayed Nazi flags and thus permitted by the government
5 Confessional Church
5.1 splinter church that opposed Nazi beliefs
5.2 800 ministers sent to concentration camps in 1937. Most famously Pastor Martin Niemoller
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