Participation in Sport

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Participation in Sport
  1. Image
    1. Fashion
      1. Wearing the kit of children's role models in sport.
        1. Role model's clothes may be innapropriate for the child's age.
          1. Kit can be quite expensive.
            1. More sports clothes are bought & sold whilst major tournaments are on.
            2. Media coverage
              1. Strong media coverage encourages participation.
                1. Weak coverage leaves sports unnoticed and underrepresented.
                  1. Newspapers and TV can create good role models for children.
                    1. Put pressure on top performers.
                  2. Resources
                    1. Time
                      1. Lots of free time increases participation.
                        1. Not enough free time will decrease participation.
                          1. School P.E lessons increase time within school for sport.
                            1. Exams hinder training.
                              1. Extra-curricular activities.
                              2. Availability/Access
                                1. Local facilities encourages participation.
                                  1. Poor access means travel costs are expensive.
                                    1. Better facilities increase speed of performance development.
                                      1. Cost.
                                    2. Socio-economical
                                      1. Social Status
                                        1. Higher social groups have more opportunities.
                                          1. Affordability, costs may be higher for certain sports.
                                            1. Barriers have been broken down between the social classes.
                                              1. Cost of maintenance of the equiptment.
                                              2. Cost
                                                1. Discounted rates for different ages.
                                                  1. Sports can be expensive (polo).
                                                    1. Specific coaching is expensive (tennis).
                                                      1. Government funding can be accquired.
                                                    2. Children often take part in the same activities as their parents or that which they are introduced to by family members.
                                                      1. Often children will follow their peers into sports.
                                                        1. Children will often follow role models into a sport.
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