Coastal Environments - Case Studies

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Coastal Environments - Case Studies
1 St. Lucia Coral Reef Management
1.1 St. Lucia is in the Caribbean and is surrounded by Coral Reefs
1.2 It was found that 90sq KM of coral reef was seriously thretened by:
1.2.1 Overfishing
1.2.2 Tourism
1.2.3 Coastal Development
1.2.4 Marine Pollution
1.2.5 Sediment From Land
1.3 The 2 Problems
1.3.1 How to preserve natural beauty of island with out loosing tourists
1.3.2 How to resolve the following conflicts: Fishermen VS Divers Fishermen VS Yachter
1.4 The Solution
1.4.1 The SMMA Was founded
1.4.2 And the 11km of coast under threat was divided into zones
1.4.3 The 5 zones were: 1. Marine Reseves All Activity such as fishing banned 2. Fishing Priority Nothing but fishing allowed i.e Scuba Diving 3. Recreational Areas Mainly for diving and other water sports 4. Yacht Mooring 5. Multiple Use Zones
1.5 Did it work...
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