Blood transport system

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Blood transport system
1 artery
1.1 thick-walled blood vessels carrying blood away from the heart
2 vein
2.1 thin-walled blood vessel carrying blood towards the heart
3 arterioles
3.1 small arteries
4 venules
4.1 small veins
5 capillaries
5.1 thin blood vessels supplying nutrition to cells and removing wast materials
6 pulmonory circulation
6.1 blood from the heart to the lungs and back to the heart to pick up oxogen
7 systemic circulation
7.1 oxygenated blood carried from the heart to the body tissues and back to the heart
8 vasoconstriction
8.1 reducing flow of blood into capillaries by action of sympathetic nerves
9 vasodilation
9.1 is the increased flow of blood into the capillaries
10 venous return
10.1 the mechanisms that return blood to the heart
11 skeletal pump
11.1 muscle actions that squeezes veins and forces blood towards the heart
12 respiratory pump
12.1 breathing moments force blood to flow towards the heart
13 haemoglobin
13.1 red pigment that transport oxogen in the blood
14 oxyhaemoglobin
14.1 the chemical compound where oxogen combines to haemoglobin
15 bohr shift
15.1 the change of shape of the oxygen dissociation curve, specifically a move to the right which results in the releases of more oxogen being released at the muscles during exercise
16 hydrogen carbonate
16.1 main means by which CO2 is transported by the blood
17 arterio-venous difference
17.1 amount of oxogen removed from the blood by the muscles
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