Heart function definitions

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Heart function definitions
1 Venous return
1.1 the mechanisms that return blood to the heart
2 Starlings law of the heart
2.1 the greeter the venous return, the greater the strength of the contraction
3 atrio-ventricular node
3.1 tissue found in the trio ventricular septum that from part of the heart conductive systems
4 perkinje fibers
4.1 specilised nerev fibres found in the ventricls
5 Stroke volume
5.1 volume of blood leaving the left ventricle per beat
6 intrinsic
6.1 tha name given to the idea that the heart generates its own contraction from with in the heart ( the heart is self paced )
7 sino-atrial node
7.1 small mad of cardiac tissue located in the wall of the right atrium which generates the heart beat
8 systemic circulation
8.1 blood circulation from the heart to the body and then back to the heart
9 Cardiovascular drift
9.1 an increases in the heart rate that occurs during prolonged exercise that compensates for the decreased in the stroke volume in an attempt to maintain cardiac output
10 Bradycardia
10.1 the reduction in the testing heart rate that accompanies traning
11 Hypertrophy (athletes heart)
11.1 the increased size of the heart, focused on the increased size of the left ventricle
12 Chemoreceptors
12.1 group of cells that detect changes in the blood acidity
13 Cardiac output
13.1 volume of blood leaving the left ventricle per minute (stroke volume X heart rate)
14 Ejection fraction
14.1 proportion of blood in left ventricle pumped out each beat
15 bundle of his
15.1 specialised bindles of nerve tissues found in the interventricular septum that form part of the hearts conductive system
16 pulmonary circulation
16.1 blood circulation from the heart to the lungs and the returns to the heart
17 myogenic
17.1 impulses generated without nervous stimules
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