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1 Vimy Ridge
1.1 Contributions/Importance
1.1.1 3,598 Canadians were killed and 7,000 were injured
1.1.2 Four Canadians would earn the Victoria Cross, our country’s highest medal for military valour, for separate actions in which they captured enemy machine gun positions.
1.1.3 Where other countries failed, but Canada succeded
1.2 Where/when
1.2.1 Vimy ridge, France
1.2.2 From below up to the ridge
1.2.3 5:30
1.3 What/why
1.3.1 Very important battle
1.3.2 The very stratigic sport for furtherin the war
1.3.3 difficult due to the Germans having the position
1.3.4 A battle that turned the war in our favor
2 Canada'a participation in military conflict positive
3 Afghanistan war effort
3.1 Contirbution
3.1.1 2,500 soldiers
3.1.2 help train afghan national army
3.1.3 Help U.S. to neturalize Al-qaeda
3.1.4 aide U.S. in the war that was approved by U.N.
3.2 What/why
3.2.1 United States started to invade Afghanistan
3.2.2 Canada, Northern Alliance, United Kingdom and Australia joined to help
3.2.3 Current day help in war
3.2.4 Against suddam Husein
3.2.5 Because of the 9/11 attack
3.3 When/Where/who
3.3.1 Kandahar, Afghanistan
3.3.2 Canadian force under Prime minister Stephen harper
3.3.3 against Al-Qaeda Osama bin laden
3.3.4 With U.S.
4 Battle of Normandy
4.1 What/Why
4.1.1 Several costly operations were mounted by the Canadians to fight a path to the pivotal city of Caen
4.1.2 Canadian attack Juno beach
4.1.3 Allies convinced Germans that their intended target was Pas de Calais
4.1.4 Allied with the current powers of the world, America, Britain
4.2 Contibutions
4.2.1 Several costly to obtain the position in France
4.2.2 21,400 on Juno Beach
4.2.3 The losses at Juno beach are 340 killed, 574 wounded and 47 taken prisoner
4.2.4 Well known battle
4.3 When/where
4.3.1 Juno beach
4.3.2 June 6, 1994- D Day
4.3.3 normandy beach france
4.4 D-DAY

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